Ti 發表目前唯一通過 Qi 15W 認證的無線充電傳輸IC

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文章來源:Ti 發表目前唯一通過 Qi 15W 認證的無線充電傳輸IC – PR Newswire

Industry’s most efficient 15-W solution delivers high power and fast-charge wireless charging to industrial applications

Features and benefits of the bq501210
•System efficiency at 84 percent: Fixed-frequency operation helps achieve the industry’s highest 15-W efficiency as well as reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI).
•Fast-charging capability: Fast-charge negotiation with mobile devices enables the transfer of up to 10 W to compatible receivers, including existing fast-charging devices on the market.
•Wide-voltage aptitude: The High-Voltage Dedicated Charging Port (HVDCP) protocol negotiates with capable AC/DC wall adapters to adjust the input voltage. The rail control output provides power to deliver a full 15 W with inputs between 15 V and 19 V, and enables lower power operation, such as 5 W, with inputs as low as 5 V.

The new 15-W transmitter joins TI’s proven portfolio of scalable wireless power solutions, which also includes 2.5-W, 5-W and 10-W products that provide designers with best-in-class thermal ratings and wide input-voltage and output power ranges, along with customizable sizes and power levels to fit a wide variety of wireless power needs.


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